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How to make your website an EFFECTIVE business tool

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Exclusive Offer to Webinar Viewers

Purchase my “Online Presence Accelerator” video course

The Online Presence Accelerator is a structured 12 week course that will teach you everything you need to know in order to create a professional online presence for your business yourself even if you have no prior experience and zero technical skills.

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A one-0n-one consultation with me (over phone, Skype, email or even in-person if you are close by) in which I will conduct a thorough review of your existing online presence and provide a written report on how you can improve and optimise it (including the specific tools you should be using)

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My Recommended Autoresponder services

  • Mail Poet – Host your email database on your own website and be in complete control of it at all times. Completely free for the first 2000 subscribers.
  • Mailer Lite – the most beginner-friendly Autoresponder service I have come across to date! It is feature-rich yet very easy to use and produces email newsletters that look absolutely stunning on any device. Their support staff are also excellent and available 24/7 via chat and email. Completely free for the first 1000 subscribers with unrestricted use of all the features, unlimited sending as well as full access to their support staff.
  • MailChimp – the most widely used Autoresponder service in the world. Free to use for the first 2000 subscribers but comes with three ‘catches’ you need to be aware of:
    1. You can’t send automated email sequences on the free plan, only manual ‘broadcast’ emails.
    2. You can’t send more than a total of 12,000 emails every month.
    3. Gets pretty expensive once you go beyond their free plan.

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