Get a one-on-one personal look at your website & social media presence from an online marketing expert for a clear road map of what needs improving to make you a leader in your industry.

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Carmel Glenane

No language can describe the dedication, love and support Michael Ginsburg has given me as an owner of a small business in setting up the website for my business.Carmel Glenane

Olivia Bernard

Michael was able to give me a new fresh look and approach for my site and was able to add a lot more of a sophisticated approach to how I was representing my business online. Olivia Bernard

Chantal Gerardy

I received excellent and professional advice and service as well as great communication from Michael.  Chantal Gerardy


Yes, Show Me Exactly How I Can Attract More Customers & Make More Sales

Transform your website & social media presence and position yourself as a leader in your industry

Do you currently have a website that isn’t producing optimal results for your business?

Every business is different, and every website needs to convey different things to reflect your unique offering and selling position.

Unfortunately, many business owners focus on making their website pretty and have lots of bells & whistles instead of making sure that their website properly serves their business.

A lot of these efforts are also based on pure guesswork.

Just asking a web designer to build or redesign a website, without properly considering all the necessary elements your website needs to in order to be an effective business tool, is like ordering clothes for somebody without the size, gender, or particular occasion in mind.

This could adversely affect many aspects of your business such as:

  • Poor lead generation.
  • Insufficient exposure for your products or services.
  • Insufficient focus on your unique value proposition and offer.
  • High ‘bounce rates’ (percentage of visitors that leave your website straight away).
  • Negative effect on your overall bottom line.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not only ideal to have a great website & social media presence; it’s absolutely critical.


Your website and social media presence reflect exactly what your business is about, and your business is a true reflection of you (its owner)!

Your website and social media profiles are a 24 hour ‘shop front’ that constantly communicates your message and, if structured and used correctly, sells your products or services even while you sleep!

A good business website should focus on two main things:

  1. Driving qualified customers to your physical store location or online order/booking page; and

  2. Providing outstanding user experience to your customers and prospects while increasing your bottom line.

That’s it. That is all a business website is really for!

Nowadays, people are far more busy and far less patient.

They have less free time and are subject to exponentially more marketing messages daily than they were ten years ago.

For this reason, any part of your website that is ambiguous or not compelling enough will only cost you in the long run.

So what is the solution?

There are many different elements that need to be improved to make a website an extraordinarily effective business tool.

While most business owners immediately try to simply focus just on design, believe it or not, it’s not only design that will lead to more sales.

Factors like easy navigation, how well a website is optimised for mobile devices, how easy is it for people to find the information they need on your website as well as how helpful your information and other content is, are what really determines how well your website will promote your online or offline business.

Furthermore, adding the right metrics to your website to accurately measure its performance are also key to achieving the business outcomes you are after.

I can help you with that!

Don’t waste your time on trial and error testing changes to your website while losing sales and profits (because let’s face it, we all know that time is money, right?)

My extensive experience in both web design and online marketing, as well as my background in management consulting, will help you avoid the costly mistakes most business owners make that cause them to lose customers, sales and market share.

I’d like to offer you a one-on-one online presence improvement strategy consultation

In this consultation, which can be done over phone, Skype, in-person (if you are based in Brisbane or on the gold coast like me) or any other way you prefer, I will take a close and in-depth look at your website and the rest of your online presence & outline the target areas that need improving in order for your website & social media presence to serve your business in the most effective way.

Why am I offering this?

Quite frankly, I do this not just because it’s my business but also because this is my passion.

I’ve seen many business owners lose major opportunities and suffer unnecessary setbacks simply because their website and online presence as a whole was not structured properly.

Some of those business owners have come to me for help but I’d like to help more people and therefore decided to structure that as a service that any small business owner can afford.

Allow me to share with you my proven strategies so that you too can benefit from both my knowledge and practical experience and prosper online.

For just $497 $247 (for a limited time only!), I will perform a complete assessment of your website, sales funnel, email marketing and social media presence and outline the exact steps you need to take to truly excel with your online presence and gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

In addition to your extensive strategy consultation, you’ll also get a FREE Website traffic report called “The 10 different methods you can use to drive high quality prospects to your website, including the pros and cons of each”… (Valued at $47).


Yes, Show Me Exactly How I Can Attract More Customers & Make More Sales


Because I’m so sure you’ll leave the strategy call with multiple ideas you can apply to your website & social media presence right away and achieve significant improvement, I’d like to eliminate all risk from your investment by offering you:

100% full money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy for whatever reason!


Take advantage of this amazing offer now and give your business the boost it deserves

Yes, Show Me Exactly How I Can Attract More Customers & Make More Sales